What's My Mask Size?

Our cloth masks work best when they fit your face snugly, with no gaps or tightness around your ears. To make sure you get the comfort you need, our professional tailors created custom sizes based on the width of people's faces. 

Small - 14 in
Medium - 15 in
Large - 16 in 


video of measuring someone's face

To determine your mask size, use a cloth measuring tape to measure the width of your face following these instructions:

1. Place one end of your measuring tape at the top of your ear

2. Bring the other end of your measuring tape to your other ear, making sure to go over the tip of your nose. 

Make sure you do not hold the tape too tightly or too loosely when you measure. 

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NOTE: These masks won't fit most children under the age of 12. Kids usually have 13 inch size or smaller face width. We do not currently have a designs for children's masks.