Ear Saver FAQ

biodegradeable ear saver

What is an Ear Saver?

An Ear Saver is a small, easy-to-print adapter that improves the fit of surgical, N95 and our cloth masks, and makes them more comfortable for long-term wear. The hooks let the wearer use a mask of almost any size. They also remove pressure from the ears of the wearer, which can cause discomfort and eventually damage.
To help keep your mask needs all in one place, we are selling a limited supply of plastic ear savers purchased in bulk on Etsy and we are selling them at cost.
We are also 3D printing our own ear savers in Fremont, CA. Since we are going to be printing many, we do not feel comfortable knowingly distributing plastic products that will likely not be recycled and end up in landfill. 
We imported Terrafill 100% Biodegradable Wood Composite Filament from Fillamentum, a company based in the Czekh Republic that manufactures high quality alternative filaments for 3D printing. We hope to try plant based filament next. We are also actively working to reduce the cost of the biodegradable ear saver.

Why get an Ear Saver?

1. If you need to wear a mask for several hours or more, you can use ear savers with any mask with ear straps, as long as the ear straps are long enough. People with long hair should wear pony tails to help ear savers stay in place. 

2. If you have a mask that is too big OR too small for you, an ear saver can give you a snug fit with multiple sizes on the ear saver to allow for variability. If your mask you purchased is too big, buy a 6 inch adjustable ear saver. If your mask is too small, buy a 7 inch adjustable ear saver. See video below: