About Tergel

Hi, I'm an artist and UX designer living in SF.

I hail from the great land of Mongolia, immigrated to America in 2000. I hold degrees in Applied Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction and Studio Arts. I studied at Emma Willard School, and the University of Rochester

During the day, I'm a UX designer for Apple TV in Cupertino, CA. But at night, I moonlight as an artist - a sculptor, photographer, painter, musician, performer, dancer, singer/songwriter, interior decorator, life coach, meditation teacher, producer, film maker, real estate consultant, fashion designer, and probably more stuff I'm missing. At least, I'm trying my best with the 24 hours we have been given in a day...


About the website

I am working on many different projects at once. This is where you can keep track of everything. This website changes every few months, depending on where I am with a project. You can always go to my archive for a complete list of all the artwork I have created. 






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